3 Days of Productivity


Life, as we know it, has been altered for an indefinite period of time. During this time, loss of motivation can play a big role which can lead to low levels of productivity. In order to combat these feelings, we must keep busy and do routine things that boost our mental health.

With that being said, for the next 3 days, Envisage will give tips and advice on how to stay productive. As a team, we have taken measures to stay motivated during this time and we feel it is necessary to share how we are doing so. Social distancing does not necessarily mean everything in your life has to be halted; we must continue doing the things we can do while given the circumstances.

Please take a few minutes out of your days at home to read our blogs and comment if you like. We challenge you to share this post on your feed so others can read as well. Stay tuned for tomorrow's tip of the day :)

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