We're back, as promised! We hope you are just as excited as us to learn how to stay productive while being in the house.

Something we have encouraged each other to do is creating a daily schedule with times planned out for each activity. It is paramount to keep a daily schedule of events so that a lazy mindset will not develop. When a routine for your day is planned out, not only does the time go by quicker, but you are less likely to fall into bad habits and mindsets which can include binge watching shows, binge eating, poor mental health, irritability, etc. Creating daily schedules will also allow a smooth transition back into what your schedule once was before COVID-19. Now you may be...

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Life, as we know it, has been altered for an indefinite period of time. During this time, loss of motivation can play a big role which can lead to low levels of productivity. In order to combat these feelings, we must keep busy and do routine things that boost our mental health.

With that being said, for the next 3 days, Envisage will give tips and advice on how to stay productive. As a team, we have taken measures to stay motivated during this time and we feel it is necessary to share how we are doing so. Social distancing does not necessarily mean everything in your life has to be halted; we must continue doing the things we can do while given the circumstances.

Please take a few minutes o...

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Everyone should practice positive thinking. We often do not realize that we manifest negativity when all we think is negative thoughts. A few ways to practice positive thinking is daily affirmations. For example, waking up and proclaiming a good day with great opportunities will allow you to construct your day in a way that you will get that outcome.

Another way to practice positivity in your life is surrounding yourself around that, whether it be friendship wise or family. If all that your peers do is complain about every aspect of their life, you will begin to feel consumed by their burdens. A way to prevent that is by offering the necessary help to release that negativity and teaching...

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Coco Gauff, a 15 year old tennis player, has qualified for the Wimbledon making history as the youngest to do it. Starting tennis just 8 years ago, when she was about 7 years old, she has already beat pro tennis player, and also someone she has always looked up to, Venus Williams. That win is what allowed her [Coco] to advance to the Wimbledon. Cheers to the Black girl magic happening for both Venus Williams & Coco Gauff.

We wish you ladies the best!


Appraisal: An estimate of the market value of a property based on comparable recent sales of homes nearby. It is done by a licensed appraiser for a lender.

Why are appraisals needed?
Appraisals allow a buyer to know how much a lender will lend toward financing their house.

Are appraisals required?
When using a mortgage loan to purchase a house, an appraisal is required.


Summer is not over just yet!

Check out this list below for some of the top voted places to vacation whether it be a family vacation, couples trip, or even a getaway for yourself. Along with the places listed, there are starter places you may want to visit while on your wonderful vacation.

  • Hawaii: Na Pali Coast, Kauai {17 mile long shoreline with beautiful scenery and waters}
  • Paris, France: Eiffel Tower (of course) & The Louvre Museum
  • New York City, NY: The glowing Times Square
  • Cancun, Mexico: Yucatan Peninsula {Swimming in cenotes}
  • Orlando, FL: Various theme parks!
  • Los Angeles, CA: Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hill for high end shopping

1. Always start off with putting your fruits, veggies, along with the liquid of your choice whether it be water, milk, or juice.

2. Next, add frozen fruits on top of those ingredients so they can eventually work their way down the blender for a smoother blend.

3. Last, to make a rich smoothie, the key is to use hemp milk. If you want to add another juice for more taste then have at it, but now you can blend your ingredients and enjoy your tasty rich smoothie


Can you agree that it is that time of the year when there seems like you have so much to do and you become overwhelmed? Well, it sounds like you need some productivity tips to help ease your mind and reduce stress.

The best start is to begin writing all of your thoughts down on paper. Writing things down allow you to remember things better than keeping everything in your head. Along with writing all of your thoughts, create a separate list for things you have to get done. Writing down a to-do list increases the likely hood that you will actually achieve the things you have listed. Also, writing creates organization, which is a stress-reducer.

Top Golf National Harbor/DC is one of the newest activities available for DMV residents, along with tourists, to enjoy. When thinking of fun places to go, people normally do not think to go golfing of course, so how about you go try something new!
In addition to golfing, just when you thought it wouldn't get any better, they offer dining services right to your golfing bay, and the food is PHENOMENAL. I must add that it does get a little crowded so making reservations online will eliminate long waiting times, especially on the weekends.
But of course when you are done golfing and dining, you can go check out some of Envisage's properties located in DC, not too far away, just to get a snea...
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Have you ever wanted to explore the nation's capital just for a day?
Well why not do it!?

First, you may want to try Cheers @ the Big Chair for a delicious bite (they have phenomenal crab fries). After your bite, proceed to any museum of your choice, and many of them are free so why not visit! While the sun is still out, don't forget to take some Instagram/facebook worthy photos at various great sceneries you may pass. At this point, I'm sure you probably will have a sweet tooth so why not stop by District Doughnut... you won't regret it! Now, as the sun sets, it is probably best that you call it a day for being a tourist in DC for the day. Enjoy!

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