All About The Envisage Academy

Since it's launch last year, the Envisage Academy has seen such growth! We are extremely delighted that there are so many interested persons who are looking to participate with us!


The very first question that we receive when people hear about the academy is, "what can I expect to learn?"

This purpose of this post is to answer your preliminary questions, and provide you with insight about our hands on mentoring program.


Why Envisage Academy?

This answer is simple! We are Washington DC's premier real estate rehabilitation group. We have sustained a promising reputation in the DMV, and also gradually across the US. We have a solid team of go getters that contribute to the success of Envisage; we have networked with some of the in the business, and while we are considered experts in our field, we still consider furthering our education a top priority; we truly believe that knowledge is power.

The owner of Envisage, Dee has developed more than 40 properties and has done more than $35 million dollars in transactions focusing on high end renovations. She has been featured on various Podcasts, Radio Stations, and many appearances on stage at events Nationwide. Several of her housing projects were featured locally as well as one being featured on the hit TV Show- HGTV House Hunters.


What Will Envisage Teach Me?

While enrolled in the Envisage Academy's 3 month accelerated program, our mentee's learn how to find real estate deals, how to build a successful team, how to negotiate deals, how to do successful marketing, how to build buyers lists, and more! There are homework assignments throughout to ensure each person truly understands the scope of this business.

Want more details?

  • 10 Individual coaching calls
  • 10 group calls
  • Bus tours
  • Auction day trip
  • Private Facebook group
  • Private email for the group
  • Much, much more!

Do I Have To Live In Washington, DC To Participate?

NO! You can live virtually anywhere in the United States, as long as you have internet access that will grant you with the capabilities to participate in the program. From our last group, one of our mentee's lived in Florida; we flew down just for her to surprise her with a graduation ceremony.


How Can I Apply?

To apply, please click this link:

** Please be sure that you are ready to work, and by that, we mean REALLY work. The business looks easy, but there is a lot that goes along with it behind the scenes. Do not expect overnight success, rather, overnight fulfillment that you took the first steps to completing a new goal!


What Is The Fee To Participate In The Envisage Academy?

Please send us an email for current pricing.


Are you sold?! Do you have more questions? Feel free to leave us a comment! We will be sure to answer!

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