Day 1: Quarantine Productivity


We're back, as promised! We hope you are just as excited as us to learn how to stay productive while being in the house.

Something we have encouraged each other to do is creating a daily schedule with times planned out for each activity. It is paramount to keep a daily schedule of events so that a lazy mindset will not develop. When a routine for your day is planned out, not only does the time go by quicker, but you are less likely to fall into bad habits and mindsets which can include binge watching shows, binge eating, poor mental health, irritability, etc. Creating daily schedules will also allow a smooth transition back into what your schedule once was before COVID-19. Now you may be asking yourself, "What does a typical daily schedule look like?", and the answer to that is that you have to create what works best for you.

Our college intern wanted to share her blueprint of what she does during the day. Maybe this can inspire you and encourage you to adopt some of her routine.

9:00am- Wake up, read a scripture, pray

10:00am- Take a 15 minute walk/run

11:00am- Shower, eat a nutritional breakfast

12:00pm- Start work day

3:00pm- Lunch/ Spend time with family

5:00pm- Continue work day

7:00pm- Call a friend(s) and talk about day

8:00pm- Prepare dinner/ eat

9:00pm- Free time (watch tv, eat a snack, play a game)

10:00pm- Prepare for bed, prayer

"With this routine I created for myself, I find that I am not sluggish during the day and I have things to look forward to daily that will help when it is time for me to go back to school" -Ndia Via

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