Instant Curb Appeal On A Budget

One thing that we are known for, is each of our home's showmanship. We take pride in the image of our homes, after all, that is how we introduce ourselves!

We know that everybody doesn't have thousands of dollars to invest in recreating a new vibe for their homes, and we also take into consideration the new rehabbers looking to figure out this rehab world without breaking their pockets. Curb appeal matters 100% which is why we pay so much attention to every little detail. The saying, "don't judge a book by it's cover," is tossed out the window in this industry.

Here are a few tips to increasing your home's curb appeal, without breaking your wallet!

1. Paint the front door

Painting your front door brings brightness and character. Choose a color that will make your home stand out, but that also complements the rest of the colors of your home.


2. Upgrade your mailbox

One of the easiest ways to dress up your lawn is replacing your mailbox. Add some charisma to your curb by updating your current mailbox. Mailboxes start at about $20 from local hardware stores, and is the "cherry on top" as far as curb appeal goes!


3. Do some landscaping

Throw some shrubbery in your lawn, or plant a tree! Before you go planting a massive tree though, be sure to take into account how big you'd like for it to be in regards to your home. You wouldn't want it too big that it covers a good portion of your home or lawn. Grab some beautiful plants and tap into your inner gardener! This tip for sure will add all of the curb appeal that you desire!


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