Nailing a Public Presentation or Speech in 3 steps

1. Practice, practice, practice: Knowing your speech will make you more comfortable presenting, preventing any mess ups you may fear. Once you start practicing your presentation/speech to the point where you know it well, you can definitely rock your presentation.

2. Know your audience: Knowing your audience will help you implement information pertaining to whoever your audience is, hence keeping their attention. For example, if you are presenting to millennials, you may want to incorporate things that they have interest in. When making sure your presentation appeals to your audience, that is the key to making your audience more engaged, which leads to the next point...

3. Attention grabbers: When starting your presentation, it is very important that you grab the attention of the audience quickly. A strong start keeps your audience engaged from the start, which is what you should aim for. Great attention grabbers can be open ended questions or even deep quotes: things that keep people wondering. There are many ways to grab your audiences attention but try to gear away from jokes as those are something that many people implement, but you want to stand out!


Dee Dee giving a speech at a Fortune Builders event!

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