Quick Home Improvements That Pay Off


Whether you're selling your home, or selling someone else's (rehabbing), this post will help you make the decisions that count! Get yourself the biggest bang for your buck by sprucing up the correct way! … Well, technically, there is no right or wrong way, however, the methods below will get you significant returns on investment:

1. Turn up the curb appeal


Rake leaves, pull weeds, plant a tree, trim the shrubs, plant flowers, water your lawn. Anything that you can do to spruce up the front of your home is ideal!

2. Paint


A fresh coat of paint always does the trick. When selling, try to steer away from bold colors, that makes potential buyers turned off thinking of the money they will have to pay to paint over it. Instead, stick with neutral colors, it makes the home appear larger, brighter and it is overall more appealing to potential customers.

3. Make repairs


If it's broke, now is the time to fix it. This includes leaky faucets, sticky cabinet drawers, years old carpet stains that you never felt like tackling - now is the time. While this may seem insignificant, minor repairs add up to major profits!

4. Rearrange


Furniture placement matters more than you think. It shows potential buyers just how much space they have to work with. If you have too much furniture, it is time to declutter - and on the flip side, if you do not have enough furniture, borrow or rent until your home is sold. As an add on to this! Do away with too many personal photos and portraits, less is always more. The less clutter, the better. Keep in mind that you are selling your home, not your stuff!

We hope this helps! If there are any topics that you'd like us to dive into - let us know by leaving us a note in the comment section here, or our social media accounts.

Make it a great one, team!

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