Top 3 Benefits of a Home Inspection

While we tend to gear our blog posts to our home rehabilitators, we realize that some of our followers are new to the homebuying process, and may not know the general 'basics' to purchasing a home. What may seem basic to some, is not for others! Here, we want everyone to gain knowledge! This post is for our new homebuyers!


Purchasing a home is a large investment. It is more than just a "place to live;" it's where family's look to raise their children, gather for special occasions, and create lifetime memories.


Home inspections help buyers avoid unwanted, and unseen to the untrained eye surprises in the future. A home may look perfect on the outside, however may contain a ton of problems. Qualified home inspectors have the expertise and training to help homebuyers make sound decisions.


1. Home inspections yield warning signs:

A home inspector can assess major defects, safety concerns, and potential threats. He can also identify code violations on the property. A buyer may think that they are purchasing a perfect home, but under the drywall will tell a completely different story. Something untrained eyes will not know how to pinpoint. Experienced home inspectors are trained to notice the most subtle signs and identify what’s behind a wall without having to knock it down.


2. Sellers can fix issues to pass home inspections:

When sellers know that a home inspection is coming their way - they tend to put extra effort into ensuring that their home will pass home inspection. Home inspectors are sternly thorough, and put homebuyer's safety as their number one priority. Because of this, sellers will do all that they can to ensure their homes are in as close to perfect condition as possible.


3. Homebuyers may be able to ask for less:

Home inspectors provide a report at the conclusion of their inspection that will help buyers determine whether there are major problems with the home. If there are major problems, or areas of concern, you are able to negotiate for a lower price so that you are able to have the problems will be fixed. This way you have saved both time and money to fix your home. You can get quotes from several businesses to asses the price for fixing, and go with the best route that works for you.


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