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The Envisage Mentorship Academy And Its Inception 

“Dee” Willard- Ruffin is undoubtedly a quintessential entrepreneur and real estate investor. She is highly respected and adored by many nationwide. Her ability to be triumphant even in the face of obstacles many would consider insurmountable coupled with her will and drive, created a real estate empire that generated well over 30 million dollars in transactions over the past five years. She has been an inspiration to many. Consequently, “Dee” has received an outpour of interest from a plethora of people from all walks of life eager to savor the rich pearls of wisdom that ignited her success. Dee, an altruistic woman by nature, forever steadfast in maintaining the importance of community being the backdrop of her business, felt it was imperative to share some of the secrets to her vast achievements. Although she encourages everyone to join her journey, she highly encourages women to participate in a field that is predominantly male dominated. It was at this juncture, that The Envisage Mentorship Academy was born in 2018.

What is the Envisage Academy? 

The Envisage Academy is a three-month accelerated program led by Dee and her team where mentees are primarily taught how to wholesale properties, find deals, look at “numbers” and analyze costs. Mentees are “hand held” through the process as they are led and introduced to an investment technique that can yield “quick cash” and “quick results”. Simply put, wholesaling is when a party (the wholesaler) contracts with a home seller, markets the home to potential buyers and then assigns the contract to one of them. The whole seller makes a profit, which is the difference between the contract price with the seller and the amount paid to the buyer. Although the Envisage Academy is in the Maryland vicinity, a mentee need not live in the region to participate. Finally, our competitive program is not only an avenue for people to jump start their business, it is also perfect for those who have already dabbled in real estate and want to sharpen their skills.

How do our Mentees Learn at the Academy? 

Mentees can expect eight weeks of one on one coaching calls with Dee during the first three months. After the initial three months, Dee will remain available for an additional three months to answer questions and continue to guide you through the process. These individual calls are priceless because the mentee has an opportunity to receive Dee’s undivided attention to learn and ask questions. Additionally, each mentee will be afforded the opportunity to also have eight group coaching calls with Dee the first eight weeks of the initial three months he/she is a student. The group coaching calls have proven to be invaluable because it gives the class the opportunity to learn collectively, share ideas and start building an active network. Mentees will be assigned homework as well as an official Envisage Academy t-shirt, school supplies and books.

Why Does The Academy Teach Whole Selling Versus Rehabilitation?

There is an old saying that “One must creep before you crawl.” Although Dee will touch upon some aspects of rehabbing during her course, she feels that whole selling should be a stepping stone to rehabilitation because it involves minimal risks and less complexities.

What do our Mentees Learn?

Our curriculum entails a wide variety of wholesaling resources and information. Some of our core course lessons are developing a strategic plan for your new business, marketing, and building your new venture. Additionally, students will develop a clear understanding of the benefits of wholeselling real estate, create a personal action plan and understand the value of determining an estimated rehabilitation cost. Our team will help you seek “motivated” buyers and teach you how to identify them. Students will also learn how to negotiate deals and recognize common mistakes to avoid in the business. Finally, a very important component of our curriculum is financial literacy and its significance. This is merely some of the many exciting things our course has to offer.

What Qualities Should an Envisage Academy Mentee Possess?

Your mentor Dee Willard- Ruffin is looking for students who are highly motivated “go getters”. She is seeking unselfish people that are positive minded with a strong team mentality. Her most successful former students don’t make excuses, were coachable, focused and most importantly committed to the program.

What is our Goal?

The Envisage Mentorship Academy has a very simple goal. We want you to be successful! We attain our proven method of success, by feeding our students the pertinent skills necessary to develop his/her business. If you’re ready, we are ready. Let us help you open the door to financial freedom! 

An Added Note:

Dee will host her next informational mentorship webinar on March 15, 2021 from 6pm-8pm. 

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